I now have a new passion.


I will post pictures of my boat and sailing adventures here.


The Boat

This is Jim McCready and the Telstar named "Gnarly's Poop Deck". Jim and Telstar


The maiden voyage


Steve on the Withalahoochi

Here I am piloting the boat down the Withlacoochee River


Steve and Mittie with new boat

The boat was purchased in Cuba, FL from Terry Poland and his wife. Originally named "Break'in Wind", it was later rechristened "Gnarly's Poop Deck". Here you see my wife Mittie and the aformentioned Gnarly. Now you know why it is truely Gnarly's Poop Deck!

On the boat is friend Jim McCready and previous owner Terry Poland rigging the boat for the 400+ trip down to Summerland Key FL.

The boat was launched into the St. Marks river where Jim and I spent the night. Great place, nice people and quiet night. Mittie and Jim's wife Nola, towed the trailer on down to Summerland. I think their trip was much riskier than ours.

Down the St Marks river

The trip was started down the St Marks River early in the morning. With a little Chill in the air, Jim and I motored down the river. There was very little wind. The boat was solid, easy to control and very friendly. That was a good thing because I had no sailing experience and Jim had some.

.Jim on St Marks

Jim ready for his first nap of many

Sea Hag Marina Steinhatchee

The Sea Hag Marina on the Steinhatchee River. Very nice place to stop on this first leg of about 50 miles. Great people at the marina.

Night at Sea Hag

Our first night on the trip was pleasant and uneventful. The boat is actually very comfortable to sleep on.


Day 2 was smooth and quiet. No wind at all, but plenty of visits from dolphins. The 20hp Honda did a great job. Pushed us along at 7kts per hour on about 3/4 gallons an hour. Careful planning helped us get about 70 nautical miles with the 6 gallons of gas we had on board.